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4 Things That Matter While Studying Abroad

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I had applied for my master’s program in a university in the US and finally, I got the admission letter. While I thought that all the anxiety would end once I had the offer letter in my hand, I didn’t know that it would aggravate after I received it.

Yes, an admission letter means you need to start working on other important tasks so your transition of leaving the country and settling there is seamless. And for somebody who hasn’t boarded even a domestic flight, this entire journey in front of me made me tremble. However, I fought those and made appropriate notes at every stage so I could help anyone who was about to study abroad.

Here are the 4 things that matter to every Indian student studying abroad

All the Necessary Documents

I know a lot of people would have already told you about the necessary documents you need to carry but a revision wouldn’t hurt. Apart from the documents you submit to your university, you need to carry additional documents to move abroad. Two things for starters:

  1. The validity of your passport should extend beyond the duration of your course
  2. Apply for a visa well in advance to eliminate any last-minute hassles

Besides these, you should also carry documents that fall in line with the requirements of the country you are visiting. For instance, when I was moving to the US, I carried the following documents.

  1. The online receipt that confirmed my fee payment
  2. The address of my university and contact details
  3. Original copies of all my academic certificates
  4. Proof of accommodation and the offer letter sent by my university
  5. Immunization certificate
  6. International Student Identity Card: The ISIC will help you get great student discounts pretty much everywhere you go.
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Bank Account

Opening a bank account is one of the primary activities you must work on after you’ve overcome your jet lag because from the first coffee you intend to buy after you wake up, you need money. Trust me, the cash that you carry vanishes in no time. If your debit card is valid across the globe, double-check with your bank just to be sure.

Even otherwise, you need to open a bank account to pay the bills you incur over there and to deposit money when you work part-time. Read well and carry the necessary documents to initiate the account opening process as well.

International SIM Card

Also, get a new SIM card and share the number with your family. Though wireless internet and VoIP calls are in, you need to have a local number. When you’re getting a new number, select the right plan keeping in mind international incoming and outgoing.

The Right Clothing and Packing Essentials

Unlike our country, the four seasons you’ve read about in your school are prominent in foreign countries. Weather conditions get pretty rough with abundant rainfall and harsh winters. So, you obviously cannot think of surviving with the clothes you have with you.

Do research about the country you intend to visit and purchase the necessary clothing according to the diverse weather conditions and prepare yourself. It is also advisable to get an adapter that will plug in there because most countries do not follow the plug system we have back home.

These are essential things that might seem insignificant now but will matter to you when you’ve actually landed there. So, it’s always good to anticipate things and prepare well in advance to avoid hassles. Trust me, you will thank yourself for all the proactive preparation. Good luck!

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