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With so much pollution and water contamination around us, water purifiers have become a lifesaver. A good Water purifier keeps you healthy and protects you and your family from various diseases. Buying a new Water purifier with a highly reliable cleaning mechanism, however, is quite a task.

Water purifiers nowadays come with several complicated functions. It is important to know what to look for when going in to buy a new RO. Here are a few things that you should consider, when buying a new RO:

Quality of water in your home

The choice of water purifier depends a lot on the quality of water in your house. RO purifiers are most suitable for water that is high in total dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids is a unified metric to understand the presence of calcium, chloride, sulphur, iron, nitrate and even some organic substances that might be present in the water you receive at your house. Make sure you know the quality of water supplied to your house before looking for a suitable RO purifier. You can also get the water tested by a professional to have a better understanding.

Relevance of the type of filter

It is important to ensure that the water purifier you buy is capable of removing the contaminants that are prevalent in the water your house receives. For instance – alkaline and water ionizing filters are critically important for softening hard water. Hence if the water your house is receiving is very hard, your water purifier should have these specific filters.The RO should be capable of cleansing your water thoroughly. Make sure that the water purifier you’re buying can remove harmful bacteria, viruses and related impurities from the water.

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RO Design & Fitting Requirements

Be sure to take a look at the requirements of the RO to make sure that you do not buy one that is unsuitable for your home.Most of the RO purifiers available in the market have an attached faucet that does not require special arrangements to be fitted. That said, some kitchens don’t have enough space to fit an RO on the wall. For such spaces, you might have to get a little innovative and install the RO beneath the sink. . You can also consult the salesperson to know more about the RO’s fitting requirements.

Availability of spare parts and servicing

In addition to this, make sure the company or the seller provides servicing of the RO whenever necessary. If you want to use the RO for a long period of time and want an optimal quality of water consistently, you will have to get the RO serviced regularly. It would help if the seller himself provides servicing.

Water purifiers are undoubtedly one of the most important home appliances. Buying the right water RO purifier is essential for the health of you and your family members. Be sure to check all the functions of the water purifier. Also, take a look at various alternatives before deciding on a particular water purifier. Make sure you know the quality of your water as well as other requirements before you finally decide. It is essential as you will always want your family to stay healthy and happy.

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