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8 Things To Do Online During COVID-19 Quarantine

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The coronavirus-induced nationwide lockdown has resulted in home-quarantine for all of us. Moreover, this self-isolation exercise could stretch beyond the stipulated date should the authorities decide on it. This prolonged period at home can be a stressful time to pass, particularly if you have never been the one to spend most of his time indoors.

However, it is possible to indulge in a slew of online activities to make sure your quarantine days are well-spent. For instance, online education portals are offering free courses so that you get your daily fix of knowledge during these times. Similarly, museums have been providing virtual visits keeping in mind the lockdown.

With that, read on to know about eight online activities that you can indulge in during this crucial quarantine:

Things To Do Online During COVID-19 Quarantine

1. Learn to play a new instrument

Scores of websites offer e-tuitions consisting of videos where professionals teach you how to get started and master a new instrument. From guitar, piano, and violin to drums, flute, and the double bass, you can learn it all. Also, most of the videos have tips and tricks for beginners that you can put to good use.

2. Stream movies and TV series

To help you tide over this period of self-isolation, many streaming platforms have been offering their complete video catalogue (or at least a part of it) free to users without a subscription. You can now watch the latest movies or relive the classics, depending on the kind of movie buff that you are.

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3. Listen to podcasts

Even if you don’t like to stay glued to your TV, you can still enjoy great audio/visual content, thanks to podcasts. Importantly, there is a lot in terms of variety; be it politics, sports, technology, wildlife, music, humor or lifestyle, you can take your pick.

4. Exercise with curated applications for help

A host of mobile apps offer great workout routines that you can easily perform at home without any equipment. These home workouts focus on every muscle group of the body, so you don’t have to compromise on your health and weight loss goals. Most importantly, you get e-assistance and tips from professionals who demonstrate the workouts on the screen.

5. Learn something new

Various e-learning companies are offering scores of free courses that you can make the most of while being quarantined at home. This is another excellent way of staying informed and abreast of everyday affairs. Further, the certifications on offer can add value to your resume.

6. Explore new recipes

You can also spend this time in the kitchen. Various cooking sites explain different recipes and their ingredients in detail. Be it starters, main course, or healthy foods, you can find and master different recipes that will delight your palate.

7. Practice relaxation techniques

If the thought of socially distancing yourself from the world makes you anxious, you have help around the corner. Dedicated meditation applications, across iOS and Android platforms, offer comprehensive sessions teemed with soothing music and expert tips to help you tap into your Zen.

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8. Learn a new language

While there are dedicated learning applications, you can learn a new language on YouTube as well. Simply search the language you want to learn and select a link from multiple alternatives. Whether you wish to speak fluent Spanish or German, French or Italian, YouTube and other mobile applications will undoubtedly propel you closer to your objective.

Many language apps have structured their lessons in a game format, where you have to cross every level, step-by-step, and achieve set objectives.

Several museums have been offering virtual tours of their works, a trip that you can embark on during this period. With the help of Google Art and Culture, you can now e-visit as many as 500 museums as you make your way through some of the most diverse periods in history, artists, and their works.

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