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Here Is Everything Experts Told Me Before I Got My AC Installed

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Believe me or not, the installation of an AC is a cumbersome job. Being friends with an appliance dealer, I know the intricacies of installing an AC. Purchasing a new AC unit is a significant expense, and you need to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Over a period of three years, I have purchased two AC units for my home. I have strictly observed the AC Installation process at my house, and I can say from my personal experience that it is a bit complex.

Before buying the first AC unit for my home, I had a great chat with my appliance dealer friend. I owe a big thanks to him as he enlightened me to a great extent about the intricacies involved in installing an AC.

The way your AC is installed can make a big difference in its performance and efficiency. Here are the various aspects which you need to consider before installing an AC.

Aspects You Need To Consider Before Installing AC

Pay attention to the size of the room.

Most people are often mistaken that a bigger unit is always a better unit. The unit capacity should be according to the size of your room, neither too big nor too small. Both cases put a strain on the AC unit, resulting in higher electricity bills.

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Optimum size not only ensures less consumption of electricity but also enhances the life of your AC .

If the duct-work is not proper, you will pay a lot in electricity bills.

Inadequate ducting and improper insulation puts a strain on the unit. This reduces its efficiency and can even wear out the compressor. The size of the ducting should be adequate and the distance between the outdoor and indoor units should be correct. This will help to prevent major AC repair expenses caused due to the damage of the air compressor.

Want efficient cooling with your AC? Install the drain pipes properly.

The proper installation of drain pipes is crucial while setting up the AC. There should be a vertical drop of 1 foot near the output of the indoor unit. This helps in preventing the reverse flow of water into the unit.

Leakages can again reduce the cooling efficiency of the device and even wear out the unit. Make sure there are no leakages in the pipes before concealing the drain pipes.

Make sure the copper pipes are aligned properly.

Copper pipes are responsible for conduction of the AC’s coolant. The copper pipes should be short with the least amount of bends. They should be adequately insulated by foam. Make sure there are no leakages in the pipe and no cuts in the foam insulation.

Make sure to support the pipes after every four feet to avoid sagging of pipes. Sagging pipes can lead to leakage of refrigerant or decrease in cooling efficiency .

Check the calibration of the AC after it’s filled.

Most companies these days take special care of the gas in a new AC. This is why new ACs come prefilled with gas. All you have to do, once you have received the AC, is ensure that the calibration is done as required. The servicemen who come to your home or office for installing the AC will let you know about the calibration if you ask.

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In Conclusion

The installation process can seem a bit complicated at first sight. The problem is that most of us don’t pay enough attention to the installation process. We buy the AC and then we are excited to use it. Although the technician who comes to fit the AC is doing his job, he may still cut corners to do it faster. This is where being proactive with your understanding of the process helps.

I was able to benefit a lot by learning about this process. My dealer friend did manage to save me a few thousand I might have ended up paying in repairs and services, had the ACs not been fitted properly.

One last tip that he did not give but I picked up from my experience of having worked with him is this – buy a comfortable AC sold by a reputable brand. When it comes to getting it installed and serviced, call only authorized dealers who have the understanding and standardized processes to give you the best quality for your money.

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