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How I Dealt With The Problem Of Stale Food In My Refrigerator

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I bought my refrigerator a year ago and was very happy that my kitchen finally seemed complete. However, I was not familiar with the maintenance of a refrigerator and thus I left it in complete ignorance. One fine Sunday morning, I realized that the food I kept in the fridge last night, was smelling bad. I was a bit taken aback by this since I always assumed the fridge was a safe place to store my food. I threw the foul-smelling food out and started cleaning my fridge. Later on, I started researching more about this issue and what might have caused it.

Tips To Deal With Stale Food In Refrigerator

Proper Maintenance of Refrigerator

I was wondering if the food had gone stale due to my misdealing, but my neighboring aunty guided me the right way. She told me that if I don’t maintain the refrigerator, it is very common to have the food gone stale. She advised me not to consume stale food as it can lead one to face several health issues. Stale food can cause food poisoning, stomach ache, acidity and much more. All in all, I learned a lot from her.

Removed the Bad Odour by Expert Help

I hired a professional team and asked for deep cleaning. You won’t believe how worthy the services were. It felt like I had gotten a new refrigerator after the cleaning process. They left me with some remarkable suggestions to keep my fridge odour free. They asked me to keep baking soda for a couple of hours as it is used as an odour-killing element. They also came up with a solution to keep pieces of lemon inside the fridge. It helps the refrigerator to remain fresh for long. No wonder, I was solely satisfied with the cleaning process and I started to take care of my appliances.

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Cleaned my Fridge for Keeping the Food Fresh

Once I got my refrigerator cleaned by experts, I decided to make this a routine process. I took charge of cleaning it once a month. I was about to clean my fridge. Yeah, that’s right! And it was for the first time. I approached the professionals and asked them for guidance. When the experts had come in to clean my fridge, they asked me to start from the fridge’s interiors whenever I cleaned my fridge and I did. I started using a natural air freshener and spread it all over the kitchen and the fridge.

After that, I used to remove all the leftovers from the shelves and kept keep the refrigerator empty. As per the expert guidelines, I also used a paste of baking soda and water to clean the shelves along with the drawers. Once I finished cleaning the fridge, I would put the items back in the fridge.

Love these DIY Hacks

Later, I gathered some more knowledge regarding the fridge hacks from my neighboring aunty. She guided me a lot to maintain freshness in my refrigerator. She suggested me to use air-tight containers while keeping food in the fridge. In this way, the smell of the food won’t come out. In fact, I have been keeping a cotton ball with vanilla essence for 12 hours as per her DIY hacks. No wonder, this keeps my fridge fresh and offers a clean aroma.

If you are facing issues with your refrigerator then I would suggest you contact experts as I did. If I had hired them earlier I would have experienced fewer issues. However, it is always better to learn from practical experience. Hiring experts lessens your labour and ease your headache. Now I am very happy with my fridge. It smells good and offers healthy food as well. Hence, I want you to have faith in my words and experience the best services ever.

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