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Mobile phones have become extremely necessary in our lives. We have come to a point where surviving one day without a mobile phone seems like an ordeal. I find myself becoming extremely restless whenever I’m away from my mobile phone. However, if you are as attached to your phone as me, you will relate with the paranoia one experiences when one’s mobile screen goes for a toss!

I have gone through the ordeal of a cracked screen repair quite a few times. Hence, I think it is important to share a few important tips about mobile repair and screen repair. If you are reading this right now because of a broken mobile screen, there is no reason to worry. Just keep these simple tips in mind when you are giving your phone for mobile repair, and you will have no problems.

Tips For Mobile Screen Repair:

Keep SIM card and Memory card with you

This is an important tip for those who are giving their phones for the mobile repair service for the first time. You need to take the SIM card and memory card out of your phone, before handing it over for repair. Sending a phone with a SIM card and memory card compromises your data privacy. Moreover, it could also lead to some fraudulent activities.


Another important tip according to me is to keep your budget in mind when going for a mobile repair service. I have made the mistake of not inquiring about the charges before handing over my phone to the service. I ended up in a situation where I had to pay as much money for my cracked screen repair, as I would pay for a new-cheap phone. Therefore, I suggest that you ask about the cost of the repair beforehand.

Take a memory backup

Every single repairing service provider will tell you that there are no ‘guarantees and warranties’ provided when the phone is taken in for servicing. This means, that if your device experiences any data loss, you will not be able to retrieve it. Thus, even if you have simply transferred all the sensitive information from the phone, have a backup for all the other information that’s still there in the phone.

Have a backup phone, in case the repair takes longer

I usually end up borrowing the extra phone from my friend until my repaired phone gets back. Cracked screen, being a common problem, gets repaired quickly. The mobile repair process, for other issues, sometimes takes much longer than anticipated. I would suggest asking the service provider if the repair would take longer. If he says yes, be sure to borrow an extra mobile phone.

Check your repaired phone properly

Sometimes the repair service is not up to the mark. Due to this, your mobile phone may not be fully functioning even after the service. I have gone through this problem a few times. I would suggest checking your phone properly right after you get it back.

Cracked mobile screens are all too common for us nowadays. However, I can fully understand the stress that it can cause. It is important to keep a few simple tips in mind when dealing with a cracked screen repair. Keeping such tips in mind will help you avoid any more problems related to the phone screens later.


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