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Fun Tips for Redecorating Your House During Quarantine

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The lockdown is here and it is meant to last for at least a few weeks. This means most of us will be working from home and spending a ton of our regular daytime with our families.

While it sounds very comforting from the outset, that you will get to stay home for a few weeks – most of us have not designed our lives to accommodate this shift. We all are habituated to getting up in the morning, getting ready and going somewhere – work, school or morning walk. When this lifestyle comes to a halt for an indefinite period, it makes us frustrated and gives rise to anxiety.

As working adults, we might be equipped to take care of this anxiety. But when the stress is passed on to us from our children and parents – it eventually results in an anxious home. When you are supposed to stay indoors 24 x 7, that is not a healthy state. Many online recommendations will show you what all you can do in these shutdown weeks to avoid that situation.

How about an activity that will keep going for the coming weeks and keep your entire family engaged? The brownie points will be the fact that you will have a fresh looking house and something to show for the lockdown, for the rest of your life. So, here’s how you can get started with redecorating your house during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Tips for House Redecorate During Quarantine:

1. Start with Cleaning Every Nook & Corner of Your House.

The redecoration should ideally begin with a deep cleaning session, covering every inch of your house. Since the pandemic has closed all of us into a lockdown, most of us don’t have any house-help. In many ways, this is a great opportunity to get back to maintaining our house our way.

Cleaning your house will also give you ideas on potential design improvements you can have in the house. For instance – you may find that a certain corner of the house is always full of clothes; it would make sense to shift the cupboard to this place. Or you may find that the table beneath the window is seldom used and is always sitting there collecting dirt from the window. Using it for something else will enhance its utility.

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The process of cleaning and cleansing your house will involve everyone and will show you very visual results. This can tremendously help in keeping the spirits up and running as you proceed with redecorating your house.

2. Observe the Lifestyle of Everyone in the House.

Once you have cleaned the house, it is time to take a day or two and observe everyone’s lifestyle. Since we are often out at work, we just assume what people do at home. Being at home and spending time with them will show you the nuances in their lifestyle.

For instance – your dad might be a big fan of cooking and Kishore Kumar. He can use an extra stand to place his Bluetooth speakers in the kitchen. Or, your younger one might be a football enthusiast. A small goal post painted on a wall in his room will help him practice short passes, without making the other areas in the house his practice ground!

Take a note of the lifestyles, choices and preferences of your family members. This will help you get new ideas and eliminate ones that may not suit their choices.

3. Understand the Balance Between Light and Air in the Room.

Home décor before COVID-19 outbreak was kind of linear – you add windows to places. Windows acted as agents bringing in light and fresh air. But, with the pandemic on the rise, we all are scared of what else will the air from the outside bring inside our homes. While the coronavirus cannot stay for days hanging in the air, it is not abnormal to assume the risk in keeping your huge windows open throughout the day.

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So – start examining, where do you need windows and where do you need light. This will change your perspective on how each room looks and feels. For instance – can you have a small ‘sunroof-like’ fibreglass outlet  at the roof of your bedroom? This will allow the sunrays to enter the room at the optimal angle and give you ample of natural right throughout the day. You can get many such ideas, once you start thinking about balancing the elements – light and air.

4. Prepare Some DIY Décor.

If you are not an interior designer or architect, you may feel that redecorating the house has to do with designing new spaces ground up. In reality, you can change a lot by just adding or replacing the décor.

Now is not a good time to go home décor shopping. So – why not make some pieces of beauty at home? This will give another activity to your family. You can think about hand-made lamps, paintings, embroidered curtains, clay-sculptures, photo-frames and even origami art pieces for your walls. There are a ton of YouTube videos to give wings to your imagination and to teach you some basics about DIY décor.

Have a basic colour scheme in mind and think what kind of pieces will work with the ideas you have. Or, let your family take a creative leap and let them make what’s important and personal to them. After all, it’s their house and whatever they build will find its space somewhere in the house.

In Conclusion

The idea is to keep your family and yourself engaged in a tangible activity that has a beautiful end-result waiting for everyone. Nothing is more important than staying home in these times. As you start the journey of redecorating your home, you will remember long-forgotten stories and incidents of the house you live in. Your family will get to spend a lot of time together. And at the end of it all, you will have a house that looks better and tells your family’s story on how it took care of the COVID-19 outbreak in its own way.

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