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Tips for Healthy Hair: Essentials To Keep Hair Shining

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Hair is the crowning glory of every woman’s beauty. It is of great emotional and aesthetic value. But the negatives of modern life like stress and pollution take a toll on the condition of our locks. However, with discipline and nourishment, it is possible to maintain the lustre of hair.

Hair health is often taken for granted until the effects of such negligence are visible. Being a renowned dermatologist, Dr Geeta knows it better than anyone else. Throughout her career, she had handled a myriad of hair health issues. So, she immediately detected the symptoms of hair damages in her daughter, Neha, who is a university student.

It’s dinner time. Dr Geeta is awaiting her daughter at the dining table while checking the details of the appointments the next day. Neha had just returned from her tuition and had gone to freshen up. Dr Geeta knew that her daughter had not been in the best of moods that day. She had ignored her phone calls thrice.

Neha enters the dining room, wearing a sad expression and greets her mother. Dr Geeta observed that her daughter was not busy on her phone like always. She asked her about the day. Neha responded objectively, clearly not interested in a conversation.

Dr Geeta enquired why Neha had not answered her calls and asked if everything was alright. She also asked if her daughter had had a fight with her friends or faced any issues regarding her studies. Though evasive at first, Neha finally opened up. She revealed that hair health issues were at the root of her foul mood. Her best friend Yogita’s wedding was scheduled for the following month, and she was clueless about how to tackle the problem by then.

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Dr Geeta’s experienced eyes diagnose the problem in an instant. Her daughter’s hair health had deteriorated remarkably, manifesting a lack of shine and thickness with a few greying strands.

She assured her that the issue was not beyond recovery. By following a few simple steps, Neha could regain the lustre of her hair well ahead of her best friend’s big day. Uplifting Neha’s mood and gaining her attention, Dr Geeta started explaining.

Essentials To Keep Hair Shining And Healthy

In her opinion, it was essential to plan a hair wash schedule. Neha should take time to wash off traces of hair care products, which tends to get deposited at the roots, damaging the hair follicles. She recommended the use of cold water as it maintains the temperature and oil balance of the scalp.

Next, Dr Geeta asks whether her daughter checks the ingredients of the hair care products for chemicals damaging to the hair. She recommended Neha a low sulphate shampoo and asked her to use a mild conditioner twice, along with a good smoothing anti-frizz serum if required. Dr Geeta warned against using extra supplements and high-risk treatments.

As Neha wondered how little she knew about hair care, her mother emphasized the value of a good scalp massage, as it eases up the hair cuticles. However, she added that a simple massage is not enough. It is also essential to include oiling in the hair care routine. For moisturizing, Dr. Geeta recommended Argan oil to take care of split ends, inflammation and hair fall.

The career dermatologist then advised Neha to get a hair mask done at home, instead of the parlour as it damages the hair with the use of harmful chemicals. She asked her daughter to search for a recipe online and promised her assistance to select the one that suits her hair type.

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Neha’s mood had improved remarkably by now. She is both happy and thankful to her mother. Dr Geeta wraps up the session with a few lifestyle advice. She asked Neha to get a regular haircut as it helps to keep the hair in shape and promotes growth, use a proper brush for combing at least twice daily and cut back on her diet of fast foods.

Neha laughs mischievously. She said that it would be hard to let go of her favourite fried dishes. But she is ready to take the pain for a shining and healthy mane.

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