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5 Tips For Parents To Keep Stress Free During Your Child’s Exam

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These days, exams have become periods of extreme stress for students and their parents. Exam stress is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon among parents of all age groups. Here is are some tips for parenting during exams to help you navigate the tricky phase.

Common Signs of Stress Among Parents

Solving any problem starts with identifying the problem. The major issue with exam stress is that parents are unable to see what’s causing the stress or acknowledge the fact that they are stressed. Here are some tell-tale signs that show you are stressed because of your child’s exams:

  1. You are unable to focus on your daily tasks at home and at work.
  2. You are consistently thinking about what your child is up to.
  3. You keep asking your child about her/his progress and are not satisfied with any answers.
  4. You don’t know what your child is up to and are thinking about confronting her/him.
  5. You are having trouble sleeping at night or relaxing after work.

This stress can propel into bigger problems

Once you have understood that you are tensed about the issue, you should address it immediately. The problem with stress is that it grows if it is not addressed and resolved. You run the risk of:

  1. Causing permanent damage to the business at work.
  2. Having a harsh dialogue with your child.
  3. Having an impact on your own health if you are blood pressure, sugar or migraine patient.
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From a distance, it may seem that the only solution to this problem is to wait for the results. The problem with that mindset is that it makes you wait way too long.

Hence, here are a few exam tips for parents. Try these out and you will find your stress levels going down.

Exam Tips for Parents

1. Stay updated with your child’s progress.

Most parents don’t know what their child is studying in school and what amount of comprehension is she/he actually achieving. Hence, when they are hit with the thought of their child sitting for the exam, they are unable to gauge how would she/he perform.

The easiest way to start getting involved is by regularly checking how is your child progressing. Going over her/his school work and talking to the teachers will give you sufficient data.

2. Meditate.

Everyone knows that meditation can help you in relieving stress for almost all major problems you might be facing. But sometimes, we visualize a problem in our head at a much larger scale than it actually has. Getting stressed over your child’s exam might be one of them. Make meditation a part of your routine for this period, especially in the mornings and you will see that you and your child’s stress levels start going down.

3. Help your child in studying.

You have to think about the exam stress as a problem in business. Every single manager who is able to perform better than her peers has a plan to engage and disengage whenever necessary. If your child’s studies are troubling you, you might have to expand the definition of a parent’s role during exams. This means that you might have to go from being a parent to being a planner and a teacher. Sit with your child and help her/him prepare for the exam.

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4. Focus on your personal project.

You can think about this tip as a form of meditation itself. In the week before the exam, you might get too stressed even if you know your child is prepared for the exam. In such a situation, it will help you tremendously to go out and focus on a personal project. Whether it is working on a manuscript, taking up a hobby class or just spending more time on yourself – do something that you have been shelving for a long time. It will automatically take your attention off the unnecessary stress.

5. See a professional.

If you find that your child’s exam stress is taking to you to extremes like repeating insomnia or panic attack, don’t explore any more DIY tips. See a therapist and get the issue resolved.

In Conclusion

These tips for parenting during exams will help you release most of the stress you get in this period. Just remember – it is common for a parent to be stressed during these times. All you have to do is focus on how you are planning to take care of this stress without putting your child through more stress.

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