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Getting proper training, buying the right shoes, setting your target are some of the many tips that you’re going to get from pro-runners. I’ve been running marathons for almost 3 years now, and I’ve got a long experience of running even before that. However, there were some mistakes that I committed during my first run. The most painful one was not buying the right size of shoes. In this post, I’m going to provide you with some effective tips that’ll help you steer clear of such grave mistakes so that you’re able to complete your run successfully. Here are some useful marathon running tips.

Marathon Running Tips:

1. Buy one size larger shoes

Buying the right size is as important as investing money in the right material of shoes. You should buy one size larger shoes, to avoid pinches or blisters on your feet, which happened to me during my first Marathon. Trust me, the pain is unbearable!

2. Use a heart rate monitor

A heart rate of 65-75% of your maximum heart rate is essential for running a Marathon. Using a heart rate monitor during the training sessions helped me a lot to meet my targets, and I suggest the same for you.

3. Attempt long

As you gain your speed slowly, it’s best for you to attempt longer distances while training for your first Marathon. I took at least a month to train, and every week, I increased the running distance by 3 kms.

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4. Drink lots of fluids

As for me, I got a little dehydrated while running my first Marathon. Therefore, from the next year, I carried sports drinks with me and took sips even while running to keep my system hydrated. It helps a lot.

5. Pick the right Marathon outfit

Make sure you choose to wear clothes that don’t cause discomfort. Avoid wearing cotton clothes, as they are not apt for running. Nylon or Coolmax Ts can replace the cotton ones as proper running clothes.

6. Stick to the plan

Listen to your trainer and don’t be over ambitious to complete more miles than you usually do in the last few days of your training. It won’t be of any help, rather it may cause trouble for you in the main event.

7. Cross-training helps you run

It is advisable not to practise only for running but also cross-train by lifting weights, cycling or even practising Yoga to help better your running spirit. My trainers asked me to do so, and although I didn’t want to take time out from running, I followed his advice. The results were indeed amazing.

8. Organise a running group

My office colleagues got together to form a running group, and I was one of them. Running together not only fuels the inner competitive spirit but also provides encouragement.

9. Talk to some experienced runners

Veteran runners can give you some cool advice that’ll be of great help to you. My boss had given me advice on buying the right-sized shoes after I grew blisters on my feet. His suggestion was right, and I didn’t have to face the same problem again.

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10. Go slow

Of course, you don’t have to be the tortoise, who won the race against the hare, but it’s best to start your Marathon slow, otherwise, you may get tired easily. Start slow, pick a pace and feel your body, as you increase it while running.

I simply love running Marathons, no matter where I am. I seldom miss a chance to run marathons, even when I’m on a business tour. After three years of running consistently, I’m pretty confident about my ways, and I aspire to win the race one day. You can try your luck too, but don’t forget to follow the aforementioned suggestions while you do.

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