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5 Tips That Can Help You To Get Your Lost Phone

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There’s no denying that mobile phones are our most treasured possessions nowadays. From instant shopping to live video streaming, these pocket computers are capable of doing it all.

The latest smartphones come with a host of features to help you track and locate your phone, if you happen to unconsciously forget or lose it. To be ready for such situations, here are a few tips that can help you get your lost phone before it gets a cracked screen or stolen data.

Tips That Can Help You Get Your Lost Phone

Call your phone

The immediate action to be taken after losing your phone is to try calling it. There is a considerable possibility that someone may have found your phone and might be able to return it to you. If the odds are on your side, you might get your phone sooner and in good condition.

Track your device

Once you have confirmed that you can’t reach your lost mobile, track it down instantly. All Android and iPhones have an inbuilt tracker that helps to track the location of a lost phone via other devices or web services. For Android users, ‘Find My Device’ provides location tracking services while IPhone users can use ‘Find My iPhone’ to locate and track phones quickly.

Protect your accounts

Since our phones are no less than a storehouse of confidential information, it is essential to safeguard the data inside it. If you are in the habit of locking it with passcodes, it is a definite plus. If you aren’t, then make sure you log into your Android or iPhone account from other devices and change the security settings of your social networking apps and email accounts.

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Clear your data

Even if your social networks or email accounts are safe, there are still many possibilities that the data in your phone can be misused. Hence to be on the safer side, log into your Android or iPhone account, take a back up of all your personal information, contacts and pictures in other devices, and clear the same from your cloud account.

Report the theft

After making sure that your device is locked and secured from scamsters, you should finally report the theft to the mobile manufacturer, the carrier and the police.

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