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Infographic – Top Electric 2 Wheeler In India

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Electric vehicles are not just cool but are the future. Such vehicles are silently rewriting conventions and paving the way for a better world. From drastically reducing carbon emissions to providing a smooth riding experience, electric vehicles offer optimum convenience.

Even the dystopian and futuristic books and content that you consume have electric vehicles as their fundamental mode of transportation with recharging pods set up at regular intervals. Such days are not too far as electric vehicles have already made their way into our country.

So far, if you knew only the likes of Tesla and other international models, let us shed light on some of the most prominent electric bikes and scooters available in India.

These vehicles range from a normal moped to superbikes that you can ride on the Indian roads. The infographic we have specifically come up with for this features electric vehicles such as Bajaj Chetak, Ather Scooter, Revolt Street Bike, Ultraviolette Sports Bike and Okinawa.

Apart from being powered by electricity, most of these bikes are also connected vehicles which come up with smartphone apps for advanced features and insights. These vehicles signify engineering marvel and set the benchmark for the future.

Go ahead and check out the models. Share this with your friends and family who are keen on being environmentally responsible. Also let us know which model you would prefer in your comments.

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