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Top Resources That Came Handy While Selling a Car

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I bought a brand new Hyundai Accent when I migrated to Ahmedabad three years ago. I got promoted as an Institutional Sales Head – Gujarat for my company. In ninety days I had to join my new team. I decided to sell my car before leaving for Kerala, my then territory.

I had well-maintained my car. The battery and wheels of the car were in good condition. I was sincere about the car servicing schedule. I regularly took my car to the car wash. It was also waxed once in six months. Performance-wise the car was good and I was confident that people would prefer to buy a well-maintained second-hand car of a reputed manufacturer like Hyundai.

That is exactly what happened. I was able to sell my car at the right time at a very good price. If you intend to sell your car, carefully read the following resources that helped me in grabbing a great deal.

Resources That Come Handy Selling Car

Keep the documents in check

When you decide to sell your car, keep all the car documents ready. The RC book, car insurance, and a PUC certificate are the three most important documents. Buyers will always prefer to buy a car that has all the documents up to date. These documents will also enable a smooth RC transfer procedure.

Get your NCB certificate

If you have not claimed the insurance of your car, you will have a good no-claim bonus credit in your insurance policy. The insurance company can provide you with an NCB certificate which is valid for at least two years. You can use this certificate and claim your credit in the insurance of a new vehicle you buy next. Get your NCB certificate from the insurance company before you transfer the car insurance to the new owner.

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Make your car look appealing

The First impression is the last. If the buyers are lured by the aesthetics and appearance of your car, there are high chances they will buy it. Take the car to the car garage near you and get all the dents fixed. Get your car serviced so that it excels in performance during the test drive.

Evaluate the market value and fix the price

It is necessary to know the market value of your car before pitching a price to the buyers. Take your car to different re-sellers and ask for an evaluation. Depending upon the condition of your car you can quote your expected price to the dealers. Local car garages can also help you in getting potential car buyers.

I personally preferred the alternative given by a branded re-seller. That way, the entire process of the sale became linear.

Screen the buyers

It is advisable to purchase a new sim card and create a new email account when you intend to sell your car.  Once you have your number and email id listed in the seller’s list online you will get random enquires and phone calls from buyers and other dealers as well.

It does not make sense to negotiate a car price even before test driving it. It is better to screen out such callers. Hence, set up a meeting with only those buyers that you feel are genuine.

Confirm the terms and close the deal

If the buyer likes your car, discuss the price with him. Once both of you have mutually agreed to a price then discuss the terms of payment. You should be clear if you want the money in cash or directly in your account. Inform the buyer about the necessary documents for the RC transfer.

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If the buyer refuses to close the deal on the spot and asks for some time then fix a specific time range. If he/she fails to respond during the time limit, start looking for other buyers.


If the condition of your car is good you will not face any issues in selling it because India has a potential market for second-hand cars. If the performance of your car is average then get it serviced and request the mechanic for necessary repairs. It is essential to hand over the RC transfer papers to the buyer for officially closing a deal. Hiring a broker or consultant is optional. You can always reach out to the local resellers and car garages for potential clients.

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