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The local bank in my town had organized a pre-owned car fair. Owners who wanted to sell their cars had an amazing opportunity to find potential buyers. For buyers, it was one of its kind opportunities to explore multiple used cars. The banks even provided a loan facility for the buyers at a competitive interest rate.

I applied for participation in the car fair to sell my Jeep Compass. After understanding the participation procedures, the bank executive advised me to meet Ranjeet, who was a car selling expert. Ranjeet explained the Car RC transfer procedure to me. After explaining the online and offline RC transfer process he told me to avoid some common mistakes that people make during the entire process.

Do not apply for the RC transfer without a valid PUC certificate and an insurance

During the online procedure of RC transfer, it is mandatory to provide details of the existing car insurance. Hence, you cannot transfer the RC of your car without an existing insurance policy. If you do not have a car insurance policy it is recommended that you buy one.

There is no provision to include details of the PUC certificate in the online RC transfer procedure. But, you will have to submit a copy of the valid PUC certificate along with Form 31 and 29 in the RTO office after the online application. Your transfer application will not be processed unless you submit the relevant documents.

Hence, be sure that you have a valid PUC certificate and insurance before applying for the RC transfer.

Carefully enter the information and mobile number

Carefully update the insurance policy number and other details in the online platform. If you enter any wrong information by fluke it will not be detected online. Your transfer application will be delayed when online information does not match the submitted offline documents. Take your time and carefully enter all the details to avoid the delay.

Apply for the RC transfer within 30 days of sale

The normal application fee of RC transfer is Rs. 300/-. If you do not apply for the RC transfer within 30 days of the car selling agreement you will be charged Rs. 500 per month as penalty along with the application fee. For example, if you apply for the RC transfer after 45 days of selling agreement you will have to pay 1000 Rs penalty (Rs. 500/per month) and Rs. 300 for the application fee.

Hence, apply for the RC transfer within thirty days of the car selling agreement to avoid penalty.

It is necessary for the owner to remain present during the RC transfer

During the final stage of RC transfer, the owner of the vehicle needs to visit the RTO office and sign the transfer papers. In some cases, if the RTO authorities find a sign mismatch they will request the owner to revisit them for signing the papers. This will create a delay in the RC transfer procedure. To avoid such delay be careful with your signature in the transfer papers.


It is a potential risk to hand over your vehicle to the new owner before completing the RC transfer procedures. In case of any traffic rules violation or accident, the authorities will summon you as the owner of the vehicle because the RC transfer is either pending or is being processed. RC transfer is the most important documentation part when you want to sell your vehicle. Keep the above-explained points in mind when you apply for the RC transfer. An RTO agent might charge you a considerable amount for this simple procedure. But, if you cannot spare time it is better to consult an agent to get the procedures done correctly.


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