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Women’s Day is around the corner, and it is just the perfect opportunity to take a break from the mundane routine of everyday life. It is a beautiful day to take the time out to simply celebrate ‘yourself’. While there are countless Women’s Day ideas for indulging in activities and events within your city, why not head out of town this time?

Travelling helps you to not only explore a new place but also test your own self — your likes, dislikes, and how you respond to new experiences and cultures. It is a great way to put your feet up and excuse yourself from the daily grind.

With that in mind, read on to know about some of the exciting ideas to celebrate women’s day, so that you can leave your worries behind and pamper yourself to the tee:

Here are some Women’s Day Tips:

Empower yourself by going solo

This Women’s Day, ditch your family and friends; go on a self-empowering solo trip. Traveling alone isn’t as intimidating as it seems, and is in fact, a great way to boost your confidence. As long as you take the necessary safety precautions, you are good to go.

Women’s Day Tip: In honour of Women’s Day, don’t forget to carry a book by a female author to fill your time with an interesting read.

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Pamper yourself by indulging in luxury

Let the moths out of your purse and treat yourself to a much needed luxury vacation. Be it lounging at a beautiful beach, enjoying first-class service or getting a taste of an exotic cuisine; a comfortable trip has all the perfect elements to help you revel in the spirit of Women’s Day.

Women’s Day Tip: Many upscale resorts and hotels offer Women’s Day offers and discounts

Feed the foodie in you

An enticing Women’s Day idea is to spend the day gorging on your favourite dishes. There are many places that offer a confluence of scrumptious street food and gourmet delicacies. If you love eating, take this day to treat your palate and try new dishes.

Women’s Day Tip: Remember, the idea of Women’s Day is to embrace your femininity and appreciate yourself for who you are. You definitely deserve this cheat day.

Tap into your spontaneous side

With the multi-faceted characters that women play regularly, there is usually no room left for an unplanned adventure. This Women’s Day, get inspired to indulge in an off-the-cuff road trip with family or friends. Such plans come with a blend of surprise, excitement and thrill. So fuel up and get a little mud on the tyres.

Women’s Day Tip: Put a fun twist to this Women’s Day by going on a trip with your favourite women

Get in touch with nature

Head to a camping site and soak in nature. Camping is the perfect outdoor activity for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts; it is a much-needed break from monotony. A serene setting, fresh air and recreational activities in the lap of nature, are just a few things that make this an exciting Women’s Day idea.

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Women’s Day Tip: Put a fresh spin to it; gather your favourite girls and Jet. Set. Go

Take a stay-cation

In case you are pressed for time and cannot afford to take a vacation, a creative way to get the same feel is indulging in a stay-cation. Take the weekend off and check into a hotel of your choice within your city. Ensure that the hotel you choose has a wide range of facilities and services like swimming pool, spa and of course, good food.

Women’s Day Tip: Enhance the experience further by going on a digital detox, something that will enable you to focus on your mental well-being.

 In conclusion

This Women’s Day, get inspired to travel and come back happier, reinvigorated and with a myriad memories to last a lifetime.

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