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I’ve always had a taste for art and artistry. I’ve been interested in the amount of work and effort that goes into making something original from scratch. But as I grew up, I realized it was a sweet love story that I had with artistry and handmade products. Unlike products that are made on conveyor belts, these had the stamp of the artist who had spent years mastering his skills.

Definitely adds significant value, doesn’t it?

However, this appreciation turned into a fascination when I visited Jaipur. Visiting the forts and palaces, I just had one wish – I want to live this royal lifestyle. Every piece of furniture boasted of artistry and creativity there. The palaces were filled with bespoke products.

I decided to transform my house as well. So, I started reading up more about the ways I could transform my home to match my tastes and preferences.

I found that the easiest way to do that was by changing my furniture. Earlier, I was under the assumption that brands meant luxury. I was wrong. Luxury was in getting things personalized. And when I say personalized, it’s getting into the minutest of details of making a piece of furniture.

So, I started classifying the furniture I needed and matched it with the most ideal wood types. Interestingly, there were more types of woods than I thought there were. So, here’s me sharing some insights from my home transformation.

Types of Wood for Furniture


Elegance is the language that teak speaks. Because you have to wait for close to 80 years to get something fine made out of good teak, my desire for it doubled. When I read, I found that teak has an abundance of rubber and natural oil. This meant teak would attract less invasion from pests and termites. This meant that teak would be a great choice for my new dining table. Since I also wanted to add a touch of royalty to my home, I also got an armchair made for my reading room. A realisation I had was that the colour of the teak wood could start fading away when exposed to sunlight. Though I badly wanted to get a bench built of teak for my backyard, I had to resort to another type of wood for this purpose.

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I like my clothes crisp and fragrant. I am very particular about the freshness of what I wear. So, I was hunting for a wood type that would suit my fondness for fragrances. Fortunately, I found that cedar had such complementing qualities. Being one of the more aromatic woods, cedar adds to the freshness of its surroundings. So, I immediately decided that I would get my wardrobe made out of cedar. Being a moth deterrent, it was an obvious choice for me. Yes, as a bonus, I also got my dressing table built from cedar wood.


When it came to my bedroom, I had to be all the more specific and careful. I’ve to spend close to 8 hours a day here. So, extra attention was inevitable. I found that oak wood has been one of the most ancient woods in use and that it’s known for its durability. This made oak an obvious choice of wood for my bed. Besides, I learnt that oak was also moisture, fungal and insect resistant. What more should I ask for! I also loved the ray flake pattern oak offered. So, I got my mattress accessories to match the colour scheme.

For me, furniture is a one-time investment. Besides, it’s also supposed to reflect your lifestyle. My specifics only got me motivated for better things and doing all the research definitely added to my enthusiasm for wood and artistry. I’m sure this love story would continue for the years to come and I would keep adding peculiar pieces as and when required.

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