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They say two-wheeler safety is not just confined to when you are on the road but it is when your bike is parked in your garage as well. If you think, this makes complete sense as a well-maintained vehicle can keep all probable consequences at bay.

And one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining your two-wheeler well is taking good care of your ride’s tyres. Tyre health is important for a smooth and safe ride and if you’ve never paid attention to your tyres except when filling air, this infographic is just for you.

Here’s the gist of some proven ways for motorcycle tyre safety.

Motorcycle Tyre Safety Tips

Tyre Pressure

Always examine your tyre’s pressure before you start with an accurate gauge. If your bike is inactive, check it once a week.

Tread Pattern

The front and rear tyres of your vehicle should be from the same manufacturer and have the same tread pattern for optimum safety.

Recommended Pressure

If you haven’t looked at your vehicle’s user’s manual already, do it. It contains some essential recommendations regarding your vehicle such as suggested tyre pressure. Always follow what’s suggested in the manual.

Tyre Fits

If you are manually changing your tyre, make sure that you fix your tyre in the right direction as indicated by the arrows on the sidewalls.

Tread Particles

Look for any unusual cuts, bulges, sharp objects or foreign particles in your tyre’s treads.

Dust Caps

We recommend using dust caps to prevent the entry of foreign particles in your valve core.

Tyre health and safety is something most of us take for granted. But some attention to it can not only deliver a delightful ride but a long-lasting vehicle as well. Check out the infographics for some additional tips on tyre safety.

Ride safe!

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