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Here Is How I Should’ve Discovered That The Water In My House Wasn’t Drinkable

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We recently shifted to a new locality in our very own hometown of Delhi. I was really happy with the new house. It was bigger than the older one but available at the same rent since the locality was not as developed as the one we used to live in earlier. I was excited.

I had no idea what havoc was waiting for me until I was diagnosed with diarrhoea. We never thought of installing a water purifier in the new house as we believed that the water we were receiving was safe and purified. However, once the doctor gave me and my parents an awaited lecture on the sources of diarrhoea – we got the idea that the water in our house might be contaminated.

You might be wondering if there is any other way to analyze the quality of water in your house, apart from falling seriously ill. Here are a few ways to understand whether the water in your house is drinkable or not.

Does your water have a colour? Don’t drink it.

We hadn’t faced any issues at the beginning. Rather everything was fine with the drinking water. After a few months, one fine morning we started getting water with a tint of brown in it. We literally got confused about whether to store it or to drain it. We asked our neighbour and found them confused too. However, we needed the water to finish our household chores. Hence we used that water after filtering it through pieces of cotton clothes. Later we realized that it wasn’t enough.

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Water has no colour, it is crystal clear. For this reason, I advise you not to drink water that comes in colour. Any form of water that shows even the slightest of colours – is contaminated in some way. Either you drink it after purifying it, which should result in clear water. Or, you don’t drink it altogether.

The water smells odd? It’s unquestionably harmful.

On the other hand, I should also notify you about the smell of the water. No wonder, water doesn’t have any smell. But we had an unusual smell in the supplied water. We filed a complaint but the progress was as slow as a sloth. With the passage of time, we forgot about the issue until I was diagnosed with diarrhoea.

The moment you get any kind of odd smell, don’t drink it. Store the contaminated water and use for other household work if you have to.

Water has no inherent taste.

To be very honest we hadn’t ever tasted the flavour of RO processed water as the water in our area is heavily contaminated with iron and that is the taste we were used to. We managed consuming it without falling severely ill until we started receiving water with an odd smell and colour. It tasted horrible. It’s not difficult for us to agree on the fact that water has no inherent taste. But once we tasted RO processed water, we could clearly sense the difference. Thanks to the removal of harshness from the water, it felt smoother to drink and easier on the tongue.  No wonder it was awesome. Hence, you should never drink water with an odd taste, colour or odour.

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In Conclusion

If you are doing fine with no health issues, but all of a sudden you start suffering from indigestion, stomach ache or stool problems, there is definitely something wrong with the water. Just because you had good quality water delivered to your house earlier, does not mean that the quality of the water you’ll get later will be consistently good.

However, we had learned a lot from my days of suffering and now we are doing quite well with a water purifier. The water tastes like drinking ambrosia! Jokes apart, if you really want to stay fit and healthy install a water purifier. Take care.


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