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We all have called for an electrician service at least once in our home or in our place of work. This is because electricians offer a service that is important to sustain comfort in our lives. I have had several experiences with electricians.

Lately, I have observed that not all experiences with electricians had the same results. For instance – sometimes I felt like I paid a bit too much. Sometimes I felt like he was not doing his job properly. And sometimes, I saw that the problem would arise again in just a few weeks after I thought I had ‘fixed’ it.

I realized that in many of these situations the electrician was not even a part of the problem; I was. It is imperative to direct your electrician on what problem you are facing and what kind of results you’re looking for but that does not mean you start giving out unusual instructions!

Here are three unusual requests you should stay away from when briefing an electrician:

Asking your electrician to use inferior quality of products to cut costs

Rectifying electrical problems can be a tricky business. It is important that your electrician uses good quality and safety tested appliances to avoid any risk of electrocution to you or your loved ones. However, superior quality materials are relatively expensive and heavy on your pocket so many people make the request of using inferior and cheap quality products to their electrician to save extra bucks.

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This is very risky as cheap products provide poor insulation from the flow of electricity and they can cause severe harm to the electrician, you or your family while they are in use. I once asked my electrician to use a cheap quality switchboard as I thought it would not make a lot of difference. My electrician told me about five different instances where customers ended up paying much more in repair and even hospital costs, just because they were trying to save a few bucks by buying a cheaper wire.

So my advice to you is that you should allow your electrician to use the best quality materials while repairing or installing new appliances.

Asking your electrician to hurry up

You should call for the services of your electrician only when you have sufficient time at your hand. Fixing electrical problems needs time and patience. Performing tasks of such importance in a hurry are not good for anyone. First and foremost – the quality of the work will not be as good as it should be. You might even end up with a shoddy quality of installation and you don’t want that in your house. At the same time, it poses a risk to your electrician as well since now he has to take care of his own safety while still finish up the work in time. Hence, focus on getting quality service instead of mulling over getting it done ‘ASAP’.

Asking the electrician about his ‘processes’.

Just because you have a degree in engineering, it does not mean you can replace your electrician. Electricians are better equipped, have more experience and often have an intuitive understanding of what has to be done. Let the electrician do his work and while he is at it, don’t interrupt him. Let him focus and do his best.

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One of my uncles tried this exact same tactic and ended up with short-circuit in his house rendering two of his appliances useless. Thankfully the loss was only economic. Do you know what does it take to avoid such losses? Letting the professionals do his job!

Thus, here are the 3 unusual requests you should never make to your electrician .Your aim of calling an electrician is two-folded – one is the immediate need to get rid of the problem; while the other is the fact that you don’t want the problem to occur again. If your electrician can deliver on these two fronts, then his service is worth every penny that you’re spending on it. Keep this in mind and stay away from taking these shortcuts or trying to push them on to your electrician. It is wiser to focus on the long-term benefits of the services you are getting instead of trying to save a few pennies and risking the safety of your loved ones.

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