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Upgrade the Switch Ware of Your Home for Convenience and Safety

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The place where I live in has a mix of households. If there are posh townships and apartments on one side, you would also see houses that are more than 40 or 50 years old on the other. My area stands as an example of societal development. While I took pride in the place I live in, something that happened last month made me revisit my thoughts.

One of the older houses in my area suddenly caught fire. Usually empty, the house was fortunately occupied by a few people, who had come there for some work. Thankfully, they noticed the fire way before it could spread. They realized that the fire outbreak was due to older and faulty switchboards.

Soon, the fire was put out but the panic wasn’t. Since most people have been living there for decades, everyone knew one another. They were always ready to help out and assist each other.

That’s when one of the most important discussions started – the importance of upgrading the switch-ware of your home. While we generally take electricity and its devices for granted, changing the switchboards is something we have to take more seriously.

On further understanding the cause of the fire and the role of older switchboards in it, I learnt something that I wouldn’t have carefully thought about otherwise.

Reasons Upgrade the Switch Ware For Your Safety

My Epiphany

Anything unregulated is sure to cause harm. And when it comes to electricity, the consequences are simply lethal. A switchboard is a device that regulates the flow of electricity in your home. When you turn on your television, computer or air conditioner, the switchboard ensures the right amount of electricity reaches the respective devices.

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New switchboards are prepared for anomalies

Like any other gadget or device, switchboards have undergone constant evolution as well. Today, these devices have the ability to interrupt power supply in case of an anomaly. Fire, which broke out in the house, could have been easily avoided with upgraded switchboards.

However, I realised that their older counterparts lacked this ability. Without proper sensing and power regulation, the older switchboards posed an increased risk of electrocution and fire breakout. On further research, I learnt that these switchboards were made at a time when there were minimal electrical appliances.

New switchboards respond to a power overload

These switchboards are not built to handle the array of gadgets and devices we use today. So, naturally, they cannot regulate the proper flow of current. Besides, these older switchboards also lacked an emergency cut off mechanism whenever there was an instance of electrical overload. I learnt that this cut off functionality was called a circuit breaker and that the modern-day switchboard comes loaded with this.

The house being unused for years and suddenly witnessing an increased influx of devices took a toll on the switchboard, resulting in a fire.

Witness these situations? It is the right time to change your switchboard

So, if you have been living in a home that has not seen an overhaul in years in terms of circuits and switchboards, I suggest you go for an electrical upgrade soon. If you’re unsure if you need one, read these symptoms:

  • Your lights constantly flicker
  • You experience frequently blown fuses
  • When you pull out a plug, it feels hot
  • You experience shocks when you touch your gadgets or devices
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On seeing the fire breaking out, I felt that a few things in life cannot be taken for granted and electricity is one of them. It’s not expensive to go for an upgrade, too.

I got mine checked last week and I’ve been assured peace of mind. Since it’s risky, I called in the help of professionals to get the job done. It’s never too late to start practicing safety habits and you can very well start by upgrading your switchboards. Let’s not allow our lethargy to show what our worth actually is.

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