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Car wax has many uses, be it filling up scratches on your vehicle or shining up its outer surfaces. Its applications, however, don’t just end there. Presenting a few such uses for car wax around the house.

Ways To Use Car Wax At Home:

1. Remove fingerprints:

Any residual signs of use on household appliances is not very pleasing. You can get rid of them using car wax. The after-use marks on the bathtub or shower can also be worked on in the same way. It gives a newly bought look at the things around the house.

2. Shining:

Bring back the shine on your taps and faucets in the kitchen. Dirty stove-top? Shine away with your car wax. Freshen up yellowing tiles with a simple swab of the wax.

3. Work away corrosion:

All those nooks and corners with rust on them can now be freed from the clutches of corrosion by rubbing car wax on them.

4. Fix squeaks:

Any stuck up drawers or cupboard doors can be smoothed out. You can loosen up the hinges and silence their jarring squeaks with this grease.

5. Snow-free house:

People living in snow-clad areas will find this hack very useful. Any place riddled with snow just needs to have some car wax applied on it. No damper and puddle filled roofs or rooftops.

6. Fog removal:

Not being able to look at yourself in the mirror, just after a shower, because of the persisting fog has got to be bothersome. Just car wax it! The fog will not settle anymore on it.

7. Keep dust away:

Scrubbing off the dust settled on fan blades, windows and every other open spot every other day is a tiring task. You can just ease your workload by applying car wax with a sponge on them. Not only it wipes the region clean of any dirt but also keeps the dust away for a while. You won’t need to take up cleaning as frequently.

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