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In contemporary society owning a car has become a symbol of status and repute. The desire is considerably strong, among the people belonging to the upper-middle class. The increase in the demand for cars has given a boost to the market of used cars. People prefer buying used cars because of the attached financial benefits.

Some of the Best Used Cars below Five Lakhs

Hyundai Verna Diesel

Over the years Hyundai has become one of the most trusted automobile brands in India. Verna is one of its most stylish automobiles with outstanding interior and exterior design. The car comes with the option of a diesel engine or petrol engine. Its engine is capable of delivering an output power of 128 PS at 4000 rpm speed. With a little car repair, your old Verna will be ready to roll.

Hyundai i20

This is again one of the most famous classic models from Hyundai. The car is equipped with a TFT screen and comes with a multifunctional steering wheel. The petrol engine installed in it is capable of 90 PS output power at a speed of 4000 rpm. Its 6-speed manual gearbox ensures a smooth driving experience.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

The model which comes with both petrol and diesel engines is the most sold car by Maruti. It is very well suited for family purposes. The car engine ensures economical fuel consumption. One of its most reliable features includes strong suspensions, which makes it fit for city roads.

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Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Alto was once considered to be one of the most affordable cars in India and in a relative sense, it still remains to be one. The updated model has performed very well in the context of its budget. The car itself has its top model available for under ₹5 lakhs. If you have just learnt driving or are about to buy your very first car, that you plan to use only for a year or two, you may get a pretty good deal on the very affordable Alto.

Hyundai Santro

Santro was the quintessential car in the mid-2000s, known primarily for its affordability paired with increased cabin space. The rebooted version has a 1086 CC engine, very economic fuel consumption and the top model is available for under ₹5 lakhs. Hence, pretty much like the Alto, if you look at the right places, you can get a car quite under the budget and in a very good condition.

The car depreciation rate for a used car is much less in terms of percentage, when compared to a new car. Insurance rate is also cheaper on used cars. However, it is advised to examine the car from an expert, before buying the same. With certain makeovers like paint, car repair, or wheels replacement you are good to go.

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