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My TV is an integral part of our household. The kids love it for the cartoon channels, my parents use it to kill free time and I am hooked to the TV set when India has a cricket match. This is the usual scenario in every household. Despite the growing prevalence of online streaming services, TV is still an important entertainment system in Indian homes.

So, naturally, if anything happens to it, the situation becomes critical. The same happened last week at our house.

The Real Scare

It was early morning and I switched on the TV to get updates about the upcoming cricket series. But instead of giving me what I needed, my TV didn’t even start. I thought it must be a voltage issue, so I checked everything, but everything was fine except our TV.

My Endeavor to Fix the TV

I knew I had to act fast as my children had a day off from school and my parents would also want to see their favourite serials in a while. So, trying to be agile in my approach, I quickly called a local directory service to get the contact details of a local technician.

In minutes, I had a whole directory of technicians with no clue on whom to contact and who is the best. Moreover, calls started pouring in with everyone interested to just walk down to my home to have a look. But how could I call anyone without verifying if he is genuine? I was overwhelmed and highly frustrated by afternoon and ditched the approach.

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Where I went Wrong

Instead, I went out to the local market and found a local technician who was reluctant at first, but when I agreed to pay a high price, he happily came. But once I started checking the TV, I realized he was not so good as he claimed to be, because he didn’t even know the basic circuit of my TV set and asked if he can take my TV along. I was furious at this point and told him to repair it then and there.

He tried his level best, called a few others but at the end of three hours, we were back to square one. My TV was not working, and he was not even able to diagnose what the problem was. I asked him to leave and called the service helpline of my TV OEM.

The Lack of Prompt Support by my Manufacturer

The OEM service guys there were trying very hard to be helpful but took an hour in just registering my problem. I had to explain my problem again and again to the customer service executive over the phone call. After an hour of discussion and explanation, he told he had created a service request, and someone would come soon for Servicing TV.

He never told that ‘soon’ in his terminology meant 72 hours. The service professional came after three days. I was finally able to resolve the issue, but not when I needed it the most. Because of the irresponsible and non-punctual attitude of the service professionals, I missed the India series. Being an ardent fan, it was a huge disappointment. I would not like to talk about how this ordeal cost me a fortune. I would have brought a new TV instead.

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Though my intentions were right, I failed to do much about the TV problem because of the lack of verified professionals and sparse support by OEMs. This ordeal served as a life lesson for me, making me realize the importance of hiring experienced professionals with verified skills.  For the next time when I need expert assistance, I will only contact professionals with an online profile and service reviews.

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