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Washing machines have become one of the most essential home appliances today. Since the cleanliness of all your laundry depends on your washing machine, it is important to keep your washing machine in the best form possible.

There are some maintenance requirements that you need to follow to keep your washing machine in the best condition and opting for an Extended Warranty for washing machine is also important. Here is a list of all you needed to know to reduce your need for washing machine services.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Keep an eye on the hose

it is important to change the hose of your washing machine every three years or so. However, there could also be cases where some dirt particles could block and damage the filters of the hose. This could reduce the efficiency of your washing machine. It is, therefore, important to keep checking the hoses for any sign to avoid washing machine repairs.

Do not close the door of your washing machine right after use

Most people close the door of the washing machine right after they have used it. This is a huge mistake. It is important to let the washing machine dry after use, to prevent germs and bacteria from building up. Therefore, always keep the door of your washing machine open for around 20 to 30 minutes right after use.

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Clean the lint filter

The lint, as well as dirt particles, get collected in the lint filter of your washing machine. If not cleaned, this could affect the life of the machine. Always be sure to clean the lint filter once a month to prevent any kind of damage to your washing machine.

Descale your washing machine

It is generally known that your washing machine also requires cleaning. That said, if you live in a hard-water area, you might have to pay special attention to descaling. In hard-water areas, calcium carbonate gets deposited on the insides of the washing machine. This can damage your clothes and your machine. So, it is recommended that you either use a descaling agent or baking soda and white vinegar every few weeks to clean up these deposits.

Use the right detergent

The manual of the washing machine has recommendations as to what quality and amount of detergent would work best for it. Not using the right detergent will not only damage the machine but will also damage your clothes. Buy a detergent specifically meant for washing machines, to reduce the chances of needing a washing machine service.

Don’t overload the machine

Sometimes, in order to get done with washing clothes, we end up putting all the clothes in one go. If your machine starts shaking vehemently or if there is no space in the tub when you are putting the clothes in it – you have already put in too many clothes in the machine. This significantly increases the load on the machine, decreases its effectiveness in cleaning the clothes and may also cause permanent damage to its parts.

Use a pre-soaking cycle for very dirty clothes

Sometimes, you may have clothes that are extraordinarily dirty. Usually, these are clothes you might have used on an adventure trip or while playing an outdoor sport. Now, if you put these clothes straight away with the other clothes, the dirt particles in the clothes may get deposited in the machine’s washer. You will not get the desired clean results at the end of the cycle if you put them right away.

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Hence, for such specific clothes, run them through a pre-soak cycle. Fill the tub with water and use the machine’s settings to run the pre-soak cycle. Once you have pre-soaked the clothes enough, clean them separately from the other clothes.

Keep Moving the Machine

It is advised to move the machine away from the wall before the wash and then move it back to its place after the washing gets completed. You must always ensure that there is at least a distance of four inches between your washing machine and the wall. It will prevent your washing machine hoses from entangling.

Cleaning it the Right Way

To keep your washing machine running smoothly, you must clean the washing machine with machine cleaner or vinegar and hot water at least once in a month. Using hot water will help in removing any kind of detergent buildup. To do away with the odours, you must wash it on a degree with a washing machine cleaner.


Washing machines have, undoubtedly, made our lives a lot easier when it comes to laundry. However, it is important to keep your washing machine in good condition. This would ensure that you do not waste money on washing machine repair services often. You could reduce your need for washing machine service by simply following these washing machine maintenance guides.

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