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In a country where citizens have to walk miles and miles to fetch drinking water, wasting millions of litres of water a year on car washes exasperates one to no end.

Around three years ago, the innovative idea of a waterless car wash hit the major car manufacturers of India, and there has been no looking back since then. Some of them have reported significant results in terms of water conservation. They even encourage their customers to switch to water-less car wash.

What is a waterless car wash?

Water-less car wash system is a revolutionary cleaning system that uses only a few milliliters of water. Also, it cleans and shines your car in a single step. Various biodegradable agents and polish provide cleaning. This makes it an eco friendly car wash and far more effective than a regular car wash.

While the body of the car can be cleaned to a shine using this system, the under-body still requires water. So car manufacturers across the country are now setting up car wash systems that will save around 20 percent more water as compared to existing under-body systems.

How does it work?

This system of car wash uses makes use of eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals. After dry-dusting, the vehicle is sprayed with a particular chemical using an air-pressure tank. The resulting foam covers the entire body and seeps into its crevices before being wiped clean using a micro-fiber cloth.

Why should one make the switch?

As per one of India’s leading car manufacturers, the company saved over 656 million liters of water during 2018-19 across its workshops, which is 203 per cent higher as against 216 million liters in 2016-17. Their Executive Director said “dry wash at our dealer workshops help us do our bit to give back to society. We request over 18 million customers who visit our workshops every year, to opt for dry wash and help conserve water.”

While this system doesn’t make a massive dent in the country’s water woes right now, any step towards conservation of water is a boon for the environment.

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