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This is a very testing time, to be honest. What appeared as the flu in the first instance has exploded to become one of the worst pandemics in the world. Over 210 countries have been affected by Coronavirus, bringing down economies, lives and livelihood of people across the globe.

At this moment, we are juggling two things simultaneously –

Our everyday lives where we have to ensure our work and commitments remain undisturbed. Being cautious about our health as one wrong move of ours could cost the lives of those surrounding us.

In such times, it is easy to get carried away by the negativity around us. However, it’s now that our strengths have to be put to test. While there’s fear, there is also hope and this post is all about delving deep into that hope that promises us of a better future, tomorrow.

Changes in Business After the Covid-19 Pandemic

The World After The Pandemic

Once the chaos is over and things start to settle in, the world will be a better place. This is more than a statement. It’s psychology. Lockdowns and shelter-in-place situations have made us think twice about our priorities. We are now eager to work harder than we used to and our ambitions and goals are waiting to get the attention and focus they finally deserve.

As we also have an additional responsibility to resurrect not just our professions but our economy as well, the world after the pandemic does look bright and promising.

As far as the market is concerned, we as consumers are becoming more informed about our choices and the consciousness behind them and businesses are learning a lot of valuable lessons they didn’t know about their market segment, demographics and ultimately their target audience.

Changes In Businesses And Operations

The pandemic situation has really rattled and sort of influenced businesses today. From revisiting business models and competitor analysis to even reconsidering the idea behind their businesses, companies are now using this lockdown period to revamp their ventures. Business 2.0 appears to be on the cards for most companies out there.

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Apart from the business side of things, employee needs, and welfare are also appearing under the spotlight. This viral concern has brought to light how employees can be empowered with new tools and techniques, why micromanagement doesn’t work all the time, how employees can be engaged and uplifted better and more.

As people continue to work from their homes away from their workspaces, managers and businesses are having epiphanies on employee management and engagement. Let’s see what they are.

Enterprise Mobility

Mostly confined to cubicles and workspaces, the pandemic has made it clear for a lot of job roles, companies and businesses that remote working is completely possible. Any business that adapts to changes survives and goes a long way and this lockdown has proved this.

Amidst the pandemic, companies have figured out new ways to connect virtually, reinvent workflows and processes to suit the current situation, innovate employee engagement strategies and get things done like usual.

This indicates that enterprise mobility could soon be a norm post the pandemic and all the meetings could just be another video call. A luxury only freelancers and remote employees had could soon be a regular practice soon.

Digital Payments Will Define Our Future

Digital payment systems have been on the rise over the last couple of years. What was once a luxury is necessary now. The best instance that proves the rise of digital payments is when auto- rickshaw wala, local Kirana wala or any roadside hawker proudly share that they have a digital payment system integrated with a bank account and that you could transfer money online, regardless of how less it is.

As the world sees dawn after the pandemic, cashless transactions will be the norm.

Changes In App Design

If you notice, a lot of brands out there have diversified during the pandemic. Apart from seeing a market potential, several companies have also identified areas their expertise could bring about a change. While we are all locked down inside our homes, services like Swiggy and Zomato diversified their services and expanded into delivering groceries and essentials.

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This quick adaptation of necessity and market requirements have not only made the lockdown less severe for a majority of the population but has nailed the presence of these brands in the market as well.

At this point, the tech behind apps and websites have to be considered as well. One of the major reasons these brands were able to push their services was because of the tech under the hood.

With the right frameworks and tools, they made it easier to add an additional feature and roll out within a short span of time because it is at the same time that several market giants experienced website crashes and concerns due to increased traffic.

Besides, these integrations were also down with very minimal changes in the user interface. Probably, the new apps under development should keep the pandemic as an example of how to pivot/diversify their services in a short time to deliver better and the unexpected to their customers.

Indian Market And Digital Future

According to this article from The Economic Times, a global recession is on the cards. However, the effects and consequences of this recession are likely to have a minimal impact on India.

This shows that we are on the right track despite the pandemic and global crisis and that we could resurrect our businesses and economy with revisited strategies and implementations.

With the anticipated changes in workplaces, organizations and operations and with the deeper penetration of digital payment systems, we can work our way back to a better place. However, for now, let’s stay inside our homes, continue doing what we do and stay safe from the virus as this not only affects us but others around us as well.

Peace and good health!

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