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Living away from home for work, a luxurious apartment was not one of my primary requirements. I’m probably a classic example of a working middle-class bachelor, who stays away from home in search of a better life and lifestyle. As it goes with any city, I wasn’t given a home because I was a bachelor. After tiresome hunts, I finally settled down in a place that was decent in terms of what I was getting against the little rent the owner asked for.

Located in the outskirts of the city, the house has one kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. The bathroom is located outside and is adjacent to a small room. The small room was not locked and had a few old carton boxes and some old furniture inside. The house also has a tiny backyard in case my house owners wanted to ever get the place expanded. For the price I paid, I was satisfied.

Everything was fine until the rainy season started. While my friends did warn me about a threat that would crop up during the rains, I conveniently ignored them because I was too tired of looking for yet another house. I wish I had listened to them.

With the ground in the backyard being uneven, it was perfect for rainwater to get collected in the form of small puddles. Because it was also located near the storeroom, which was hardly cleaned and maintained, the entire place acted as the perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes. To top it off, the backyard also had an abandoned platform meant for a basil plant.

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All this gradually increased the infestation of mosquitoes. And because the downpours were heavy sometimes, there was a shortage of power as well. So, whenever there was a power cut off at night or in the day, mosquitoes would swarm around your ears.

Some of the practical problems I faced include not being able to store food, eat, sleep, or have a peaceful time sitting outside. Reading about the outbreaks these creatures would cause – like malaria and dengue – I realized it was time for changes.

One of the first things I did was call my house owner and get permission to clean the storeroom. Except for the furniture, he shared that I could throw away everything else. So, I called in assistance for deep cleaning and had everything removed – cartons, cobwebs, insect wings, debris and others. Once this waste was done away with, I had the entire floor cleaned and mopped.

Time For Pest Control

Once the room was approachable, I called in the pest control. Looking up the internet for pest control services was really helpful as the one who attended the room knew what he was doing. The pest control associate had special repellents that he sprayed on walls, corners, curtains, blinders and other places. Apart from mosquitoes, I was also told that these repellents acted against other bugs and termites as well.

I had to vacate the property for a couple of days. I crashed at a friend’s place for the time being. But once I was home, I knew it was totally worth it.

Mosquito Nets

My other anti-mosquito strategy was to get mosquito nets laid out for my windows. Since they were larger avenues for mosquitoes to enter my home, nailing them with nets prevented them from coming in. I could also keep the windows open and pave the way for ventilation and natural light.

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Besides these, I also had the ground of the background laid out evenly. With a little more assistance from pest control service I had called, I got the puddles covered and the platform for basil plant temporarily sealed. This further eliminated any chance of mosquito breeding. My backyard looks empty yet neat today.

In the entire process, I realized that one of the best ways to fight mosquitoes was to deal on a grassroots level. Eradicating them completely from their sources was the best practice to prevent their infestation. With pest control services coming with warranty periods, you would always be given good service for what you pay. And with a little more hygienic lifestyle, mosquitoes can be eradicated completely from our lives.

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