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Simple Ways To Keep Your Mobile Screen As Good As New

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Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives. From accessing information, conducting financial transactions, being in touch with loved ones to shopping, entertainment or travelling, smartphones are our indispensable companion. But do we provide them with the care that they deserve?

The screen of a smartphone is generally exposed to maximum mechanical force. Due to its extensive surface area, it also collects dirt, grime and smudges due to constant swiping across the display. Further, it gets scratched while being carried in our pockets or purses along with other items like coins and keys. However, no matter how ‘smart’ our smartphones are, they not capable of cleaning or protecting themselves against repeated shocks and liquid exposures.

Most of us harbour misconceptions that rubbing the devices with pieces of cloths is enough to keep it clean. Ravi, a sales professional, was also of the same belief. As field personnel, the mobile phone was his daily companion, and whenever he saw that the screen is unclean, he used to rub it over his shirt’s sleeves and get going. He never thought much of the countless times he dropped the device or considered investing in a shockproof mobile cover.

The processing speed of Ravi’s phone was gradually slowing down, but otherwise, it was working fine. But one day, the screen of his cellphone stopped responding altogether. When the situation remained the same even after rebooting the device a couple of times, Ravi took it to the nearest service centre. After collecting his token and waiting for some time, he was attended by a bright customer service executive named Atul.

As Ravi showed his phone to Atul and explained the issue, the expert listened to him patiently. Then he took a few moments to inspect the gadget. He informed Ravi that prima facie, it appears that the screen had been damaged by exposure to shocks, liquid and prolonged mishandling.

Ravi was dumbfounded. He opened his mount to explain how he cleaned his phone’s screen every time he found it smudged, but stopped as the memories came tumbling in. Ravi clearly remembered the dull ‘thud’, as the phone went out of his pocket to hit the pavement, face down while parking his motorcycle yesterday. He also remembered that how casually he threw the phone on the bed and went to change his clothes, coming home soaked in the rain last Sunday evening and not to mention texting with greasy fingers while having samosas during breaks.

Atul, being a seasoned customer care executive and having witnessed uncountable similar cases, clearly understood the problem. He explained to Ravi that mobiles phones nowadays are so tightly knit to the daily lives that we often tend to overlook minor issues. Nevertheless, they slowly erode the life of the device. The screen is one of the most significant and most delicate parts and requires special care and protection.

Atul picked up a piece of cloth from his adjacent counter and showed it to Ravi. He referred to it as microfibre material and informed that it is ideal for removing dirt and grease off a phone’s screen. The reason being, microfibre cleans the sensitive surface of the screen by attracting the dust and oil and with minimum friction.

Ravi was interested, convinced that he had been careful enough with his mobile phone. Atul brought a good quality screen protector and a comprehensive cleaning kit from the service centre’s product gallery. First, he unpacked the screen protector. He explained to Ravi that it contains a scratch-resistant and anti-microbial, nano-coating solution that hardens when applied on the screen and repels dirt, germs and fingerprints. It also protects the screen against sudden impacts and liquid contacts.

Next, Atul opened up the cleaning kit. Ravi found that the package contained a microfiber cloth, a screen cleaning liquid and cleaning wipes. Atul told Ravi that it is the perfect package to keep a smartphone’s screen shining as new at home or on the go. He explained that while Ravi can mildly wet the microfibre cloth using the solution to clean his phone’s screen at home or in office, the wipes can be used to maintain the screen in a hassle-free manner while he is on the field.

Ravi thanked Atul for the insight. While Atul went inside to mend Ravi’s phone’s screen, the sales executive resolved that he will never take the health of his phone for granted again. After Atul handed him his phone, Ravi paid for the service as well as for a screen protector and a cleaning kit.


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