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11 Unexpected Ways To Use Car Wax At Home

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My cousin Shweta recently migrated from Delhi and came to stay near our house. One evening she asked me to accompany her to a nearby car detailing service center. She owned a Baleno and took really good care of it. I visited the car detailing center with her and to my surprise, she purchased an expensive car wax. I had never heard about car wax and considering the price she paid I was really curious to know how she used it.

Shweta told me that the shiny and smooth surface of her car is because of the car wax. She washed her car once a month and waxed it once in four months. Using a car wax protects the car’s surface from dust particles. It also becomes easy to maintain and wash a waxed car.  She also told me that a car wax has multiple applications apart from making the car surface glossy.

Car wax has many uses, be it filling up scratches on your vehicle or shining up its outer surfaces. Its applications, however, don’t just end there. Presenting a few such uses for car wax around the house.

Best Ways To Use Car Wax At Home

Remove fingerprints

Any residual signs of use on household appliances is not very pleasing. You can get rid of them using car wax. The after-use marks on the bathtub or shower can also be worked on in the same way. It gives a newly bought look at the things around the house.

Bring Back that Shine

Bring back the shine on your taps and faucets in the kitchen. Dirty stove-top? Shine away with your car wax. Is your furniture turning dull? A thin layer of car wax can be applied to furniture to give them additional protection and shine. It also prevents moisture from damaging the furniture. Besides this, you can also freshen up yellowing tiles with a simple swab of the wax.

Work away corrosion

Corrosion is a major problem for people who own metal appliances, furniture or even automotive spare parts. All those nooks and corners with rust on them can now be freed from the clutches of corrosion by rubbing car wax on them. It adds a protective layer on metal surfaces and helps in preventing corrosion.

Fix squeaks

Any stuck up drawers or cupboard doors can be smoothed out. A dab of car wax on doors, windows, and rollers of the drawer will eliminate the friction and ensure smooth functioning.

Snow-free house

People living in snow-clad areas will find this hack very useful. Any place riddled with snow just needs to have some car wax applied to it. No damper and puddle filled roofs or rooftops.

Fog removal

Not being able to look at yourself in the mirror, just after a shower, because of the persisting fog has got to be bothersome. Just car wax it! Applying the car wax on the mirror in a circular motion and carefully wiping it off with a near cloth will do the job. The fog will not settle anymore on it.

Keep dust away

Scrubbing off the dust settled on fan blades, windows and every other open spot every other day is a tiring task. You can just ease your workload by applying car wax with a sponge on them. Not only does it wipe the region clean of any dirt but it also keeps the dust away for a while. You won’t need to take up cleaning as frequently.

An amazing Cleaner 

Car wax is an excellent solution to prevent the growth of fungi like mildew which grows in the bathroom and kitchen. Applying car wax in the bathroom or kitchen after cleaning it with a regular cleaner will prevent the growth of mildew for at least three to four months.

Get rid of Backsplashes and Grease Spills

Cleaning backsplashes is a tiresome and difficult task. Applying a small quantity of car wax on the tiles behind the stove and basin can easily remove grease from the surface.

Grease and spills on the stoves are also equally tough to clean. Using car wax on the stove after cleaning it will prevent grease from sticking and make the stove sparkly shiny.

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Ease in Shoveling

Car wax makes shoveling quite easier. Applying two layers of car wax on the shovel will prevent dirt from sticking to it.

Shoe Polish

Ran out of shoe polish? Car wax can be used as a substitute for shoe polish. It gives the shoes a shiny surface and lasts longer compared to the normal shoe polish.

In Conclusion

Different brands and types of car waxes are available in stores. You must choose a wax that is suitable to the surroundings of your car to ensure a fabulous shine for the long term. The rest of the use remains the same.

She learned these hacks from her college senior and used a car wax even before she owned a car. Purchasing a good car wax can be a little expensive but it is worth it. It does not expire soon and comes in a protective packing.

She prefers waxing her car because it improves the car’s aesthetics and prevents it from corrosion. Car wax helps in getting a polished and shiny car surface which makes car maintenance quite easier. It can also be used for different purposes which make our daily life easier. It is useful, simple, and one of the best DIY hacks.


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