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Who doesn’t own a phone nowadays? But phones are disposed of far more easily than they are bought. Reasons might range from a cracked screen to the availability of an upgraded full screen mobile. But people seldom have the knowledge of what happens after old phones are disposed of.

What Happens To Your Disposed Old Phone

Old Phone Adds up to the Already Exiting Tons of Garbage

Your old phone adds up to the already exiting tons of garbage. You feel like you are simply throwing an old gadget away. But the truth is that you’re contributing to some serious environmental chaos. The electronic trash eventually releases toxic chemicals into water and soil.

Mobile phones can leak lithium, cadmium and nickel. All such substances can damage the vital organs of human beings.

An old phone may not harm anyone. But several of them put together, can. And unfortunately, the number of phones dumped in a day is quite high. It is estimated that more than 150 million old phones are dumped every day.

Old Phone Might be Taken for Refurbishment

Another course which your old phone might take is refurbishment and may become the prized possession of someone else. The rate at which mobile repair centres are spreading today is significant. They segregate discarded phones to find those that are still in working condition. With a few repairs here and there, your old phone can be re-sold.

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Different prices are fixed for different varieties of old phones. Some would have a cracked screen mobile while some would be cosmetically perfect. The price of an old phone which appears well is undoubtedly set to be the highest.

Instead of throwing away your old phone, you can also sell it. Or you can pass it on to the mobile centres, who will take care of it. This process also contributes to the control of e-waste generation.

Old Phone Might also be Recycled

Your old phone might also be recycled. The chances of this happening are quite low. It is due to the limited number of recycling facilities existing. However, sometimes old phones might get segregated by a recycling facility. The old phones are then dismantled. The components of your phone such as glass which can be used again are separated. They are either sold off or converted into some valuable article.

In conclusion

The fact remains that the need to dispose of old phones is inevitable. But you can have control over the method of its disposal. Take a step ahead and avoid throwing your old phones in the waste basket.


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