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What Is Human Insulin & Benefits Of It

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Diabetes is not only a deadly disease but can really affect your domestic finances, too. I don’t have to tell you about the daily medicines and insulin shots one must take in order to keep the insulin levels in check.

I have been suffering from diabetes for more than five years now. And diabetes management has always been on my radar. I keep an effective control over all the aspects of my life including diet, exercise, rest, activities, still, one thing I can’t really control is the expenses that come with diabetes management.

I talked to many doctors about it. Having a family with 2 growing children and parents in old age, I had to find an alternative to the increasing cost of my diabetes management. I knew if I didn’t do anything now, things would turn haywire soon. That’s when my doctor introduced me to a low-cost diabetes solution. The solution was Human Insulin.

What is Human Insulin?

When I first heard about human insulin, I looked at my doctor with skepticism. I thought that it is some sort of shady solution that might be extracted from real humans. But my doctor told me that’s not the case. He informed me that human insulin is a form of bio-engineered insulin that is generated in a laboratory to replicate the functions of insulin in humans.

When I asked for its efficacy and legality, he told me that human insulin is approved for medical uses since 1982 and is a cost-efficient insulin alternative to conventional medication. Human insulin is a short-acting form of insulin and is also known as regular insulin.

After my doctor suggested it, I read more about it online and found out that it has shown remarkable positive effects on patients suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

I was elated by my discovery (though it was not my discovery, literally) But still, it was the solution to my problem. So, I began reading more about it. I found out that human insulin is produced in a laboratory using recombinant DNA technology. The resultant insulin is similar to the insulin produced in the body. Generally, insulin proteins are grown inside a special form of bacteria to mimic the creation of insulin in the body.

I knew that insulin is a peptide hormone produced in the pancreas to facilitate glucose absorption after the consumption of food. I also knew that insulin is essential for the body as it facilitates the transformation of glucose into glycogens and fat for energy.

So, I started searching on how I can get hold of it. I found out that there are generally two different types of human insulin, short-acting regular insulin and intermediate-acting NPH insulin

For my condition, my doctor suggested using NPH insulin which is available in the form of a suspension. My doctor suggested that I should always shake the vial properly before using it for maximum efficacy.

Benefits of Human Insulin

I started taking human insulin as recommended and in a matter of a few months, I completely transitioned to a human insulin-based diabetes management plan. Human insulin mimicked the release of peptic insulin by the pancreas inside the body. My blood sugar levels stayed within acceptable limits and I was also able to save several thousand rupees that I spent on the medication and insulin shots.

I am really glad that I took the initiative to find an alternative. With the increase in prices of conventional drugs, human insulin came to me as the solution that saved me additional worries associated with my financial health, without compromising on my physical health. Now I suggest others to ask their doctors about human insulin, and many of my acquaintances are already using human insulin with confidence.

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