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Bike breaking down in the middle of the road isn’t something new. We all have experienced it at least once in our lives. Especially if your bike is an old one like mine, you would have faced it quite a lot of time. From what I have experienced, calling for roadside assistance is the best solution for these situations.

Bike roadside assistance is basically a plan that provides services like minor repairs to get your beloved bike back on the road. These plans are operable 24/7 and will reach you out whenever you are in need. The price of the plan can vary according to the services offered.

You can Call for Roadside Assistance for the Following Problems:


There are many instances where your bike becomes inoperable. It can be because you lost your keys or there is some mechanical defect. In such a case, the roadside assistance will either send their towing truck for your help or will cover the towing charge of the vehicle. The roadside assistance can put a limitation on the number of miles your vehicle needs to be towed.

Flat Tyre

Let’s face it, Indian roads are not exactly welcoming to our bikes. There are several times one might face flat tyre while cruising on the roads. However, motorbikes, unlike cars, do not have spare tires affixed to them. Hence, in the case of a flat tyre, the roadside assistance tows your vehicle to the nearest mechanic. It also covers the cost of such repair. However, if your tyre is damaged beyond repair, it won’t cover the cost of a new tyre.

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Fuel Delivery

Getting stranded in the middle of the road due to empty fuel tank is quite frustrating. And on the top of that, if you have to walk your bike miles just to fill its empty tanks, it becomes even worse. Roadside Assistance helps bikers who are stranded on the road because of an empty fuel tank. The roadside assistance can deliver you fuel exactly when and where you need it. You might have to pay the market price for the fuel plus some extra convenience fee, depending on the package you have taken for roadside assistance.

Battery Services

In many cases, our motorbikes need a battery jump start. In this case, the roadside assistance personnel will drive to you to deliver the service. In case your battery doesn’t start even after a jump start then your bike will be towed to the nearest mechanics or any other location of your choice.

The roadside assistance is a great way of being ensured that help will reach you when you need it. Typically, a bike roadside assistance plan is quite cheap. Of course, the cost depends upon the number of services and the length of coverage provided by the plan. You have to choose the plan that best represents your need.

So, I would highly recommend all the bikers to buy a roadside assistance plan. Not only you would be covered for the minor repairs of your bike, but also you’ll never have to face a situation alone on the roads again. Happy Biking!

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