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Which Water Purifier To Choose? Confused?

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Turn on your television and chances are highly likely that you would be shown an advertisement of a water purifier on one of the channels. With a viral pandemic affecting us, this is the time brands and businesses want you to be safe by purchasing their water purifiers.

It’s true, too as water purifiers are effective in removing lethal viruses and bacteria from water. But the catch here is that there are tons of water purifiers in the market. These are not just divided by brands but by their operating mechanisms as well.

There is the gravity-based water purifier model, a UV water purifier and an RO water purifier. As a consumer, we understand you only want to keep diseases at bay and pave the way for safe water consumption in your house.

But selecting a water purifier is beyond simple. To make the right decisions and meet your health goals, you need to understand the differences among the three and select the right one for your home.

To help you get started, we have come up with a very interesting infographic that sheds light on the different types of water purifiers, breaking down their processes in detail. You’ll get an idea of which purifier kills what type of germs, what requires a perennial source of electricity supply, what requires constant running water and more.

You could head to the infographic below and find out yourself the right purifier for your home. We are not endorsing any brand here and this is for educational purposes only. How effective water purifiers are also depends on your water source, which could again change from one region to another.

This infographic helps you take an informed decision about your purchase, which we think is necessary.

Check it out and share this with your friends and family, too.

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