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In recent times, with the increasing use of digital devices, we are leaving our data everywhere. Needless to say, this data constitutes of some very important information that can be used in several different ways.

I personally got to know about the potential hazards of leaving our data in used devices very recently. It can lead to many problems like identity theft and data breach. This is why data wiping is very important. It is the process of software-based overwriting of the data because of which the data is rendered irrecoverable.

Few circumstances where data wiping becomes very essential.

  1. Various confidential data like bank account details, card details, membership and subscription details and social media account passwords among other confidential documents are often stored in our devices and various webpages. More importantly, these are generally transferred to external devices like hard disks and pen drives. Thus, when we discard an old device, we must make sure that such information is erased.
  2. I have witnessed many enterprises resorting to ‘Bring your Own’ device agreements. This is typically the arrangement where the employees are allowed to work on their personal devices. While economically viable, the employers should make sure that data wiping is reported whenever the employee leaves the job so that confidential information can be protected.
  3. E-waste management techniques involve donation, resale and recycling. Before resorting to any such alternatives, ensure that you have erased all the personal data from your refurbished mobile because any person may use it injudiciously.
  4. Remote data erasure or wiping techniques may also be resorted to. This ensures that all your data becomes irrecoverable when someone unauthorized tries to access it.
  5. If you are not using the old device, you should get rid of the data in it. Sometimes we end up misplacing devices we don’t need. If one such device, which is loaded with your personal data, gets in the hands of a stranger, you may end up witnessing a ton of issues like identity theft or even blackmailing.
  6. These days, hacking into devices has become very common. Ordinary people are more susceptible to such hacking. It has been reported that criminals often look for unprotected information. Thus, whenever there is a caution regarding any unauthorized login attempt, make sure you wipe the data from the device which has compromised your data’s privacy.
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These are a few situations where data erasure or wiping becomes absolutely necessary. It is important to remember that manually deleting data is not adequate protection. This is because the data is often stored at multiple places and in multiple forms. Moreover, with the incrementing development of data wiping techniques, you can choose from various viable alternatives that are available in the market. These are based on numerous factors like proximity of use (local or remote), target data (online or offline) as well as the nature of the information.

With the advancement of technology, there also come certain hazards. We need to incorporate certain safety measures towards the same. Thus, resorting to techniques like data wiping can be an essential precaution against it.


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