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7 Essential Winter Car Driving Safety Tips

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Driving in winter conditions is a different ball game vis-à-vis driving at any other time of the year. Long periods of reduced visibility due to fog and adverse weather conditions compound problems further. So no matter how seasoned a driver you are, winter-driving certainly requires caution and attention.

Tips for Safe Car Driving in Winter Fog

Set low-beam headlights

It is imperative that you clearly see and also be seen on the road during a foggy day. That is precisely why you need to set your car’s headlights on low beam. When you set high-beam headlights, the lights are reflected back by the fog, thereby hindering your vision all the more.

Also, use the fog lamps located at the front and rear. While the ones at the front help your visibility, the rear fog lights help others spot you clearly on the road.

Go slow

Considering on-road visibility during winter is compromised, it might not be easy to gauge your surroundings and react to the varying road conditions in real-time. Driving slow allows you the room to manoeuvre your car better and stay on a safe course so that you can avert any accident.

Also, don’t forget to use the car’s indicators to signal your intentions beforehand.

Stay alert

 While driving in foggy conditions, turn off the music in your vehicle and be alert at all times. That is because with visibility impaired, you will have to trust your ears more than you usually do.

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This way, you will be able to hear the honking of cars and screeching tyres, thereby knowing exactly how distant you are from the next vehicle.

Stick to the lane

Don’t swerve unnecessarily and switch lanes while driving in the winter fog. You must maintain the path you are driving on if you want to avoid head-on collisions.

Keep your windows clean

A clear line of vision is a must while safely navigating through the foggy weather. Clean the car’s windscreen, both on the inside and outside, to make sure your sight isn’t compromised.

Importantly, you must get a new pair of wipers if the old ones have worn out. It can improve visibility and ensure you see clearly what lies ahead of you.

Don’t overtake other vehicles

Exercising patience and caution is the key to driving in winter. Don’t overtake other vehicles unless there is an absolute need to – for instance, you have an emergency to attend to.

That is because trying to overtake will distract the driver ahead of you, not allowing him the time to slow down the vehicle. This can potentially lead to accidents.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Maintaining sensible distance is a good idea; considering it allows you the time and room to react and stop your car should the need arise. Try to avoid playing music inside the car and certainly don’t attend to phone calls unless it is an emergency. 

In conclusion

You have to stay focused on the road ahead. Accidents happen in an instant; it is your responsibility to keep a check on distractions.

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