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Top 5 Yoga Myths And Facts That Will Surprise You

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During the lockdown or sometime before that, if you considered taking up Yoga as a permanent fitness routine – you were not alone. Since most of us couldn’t hit the gym or go for a walk, we had to focus on the resource available to us. Many of us decided to give in to our urges and take a break from exercises—those of us who were really determined actually tried our hands at Yoga.

In 2020, when we have a ton of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities endorsing Yoga, it is difficult to ignore the 5000-year old fitness philosophy. Yoga is powerful because of its simplicity. And now there is clear scientific backing from institutions like Harvard Medical School, that Yoga has tangible health benefits.

So, before you begin your Yogic journey – here are five Yoga myths debunked. Since Yoga focuses us on inhaling the positivity, you will also find the top five salient benefits of Yoga right here:

Top Five Yoga Myths

Myth #1: Give you six-pack abs

If you look at a Yoga guru or a Yoga instructor from your gym and think you can get a set of six-pack abs like her/him, you are misunderstanding Yoga. First of all – people who get clearly visible abs are able to do so with a ton of other activities that also include a restricted diet and a disciplined workout routine. Yoga, all by itself, cannot give you that.

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Myth #2: Change your genetic history

Some physiological problems are associated with our genetic makeup. Take, for instance – baldness or thyroid. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic problem that was also observable in your parents, it is highly likely to be a genetic problem. And Yoga will not be able to help you completely cure it.

Myth #3: Increase your mental capabilities beyond reasonable limits

If you have an exam tomorrow and you are doing Yoga today – it will not change your mental capabilities. Yoga does help your brain receive more oxygen and reduces toxins in your body. But the maximized benefits of Yoga are received after having done it for a consistent period. At its best, Yoga can help you reach the height of your potential in a few years of consistent practicing.

Myth #4: Make you a more spiritual person

Many of us believe that Yoga is a spiritual exercise. In reality, it is a philosophy of living life a certain way. Yet, the poses in Yoga don’t propagate a religious or spiritual standing. So, Yoga in itself will not make you a less or more spiritual person.

Myth #5: Prepare you for competitive bodybuilding

Yoga will gradually increase your muscle strength to its natural best. But, just Yoga cannot prepare you for any other sporting activity except – Yoga. Besides, Yoga’s end focus is not to give you an aesthetic body.

Top Five Yoga Facts

Fact #1: Increase your flexibility

The First Yoga effects in your body is that it will feel more flexible. Even basic Yoga poses to promote flexibility that can be easily achieved with practice. People who have been doing Yoga for years are often able to push their bodies to their most flexible shapes, without any troubles.

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Fact #2: Build stamina

Pranayama makes your body to take better control of the breath. This way, the supply of oxygen and blood is controlled optimally as you get better with your Yoga practicing. A typical Yoga session can last from 45-60 minutes. So, with considerable repetition, it will definitely contribute to increasing your stamina and you also need to know about the tips for yoga beginners.

Fact #3: Improve your ability to focus

Yes. When your brain gets used to engaging in physical activity on a daily basis that results in better health, it becomes a more focused organ. Generally, people who are able to attain the benefits of Yoga also try to maintain them by avoiding unhealthy habits. This, too, adds to Yoga’s ability to make us more focused individuals with clearer heads that receive more oxygen than they did yesterday.

Fact #4: Inculcate a lifestyle around holistic fitness

Once you get used to the clarity that comes with Yoga, it is hard to give it up. Since you have made an active investment of your time and energy in attaining this state, you will not let it go easily. That is what contributes to the healthy lifestyles of modern-day Yogis.

Fact #5: Take a route to fitness without health risks

Both cardio and strength training exercises, if not done carefully, can cause serious injuries. Yoga, on the other hand, pushes you into poses that get incrementally difficult. Since you are not using any equipment, you are always in control.

In Conclusion

Yoga can do a lot for you, your fitness, and your brain. In order to get all these desired results, make sure you have a strong point of reference for understanding Yoga. Also, the longer and more consistently you keep doing it, the better results it will yield in the long run.

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