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Yoga vs Weight Training: What to choose

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All your loved ones and influencers on social media will tell you about the importance of integrating fitness into your daily routine. You might get pumped up and go for a long run. But eventually, you have to figure out what works for you.

Lately, the yoga vs weight training debate has picked up the heat. There is a group of people that believe in the holistic approach towards fitness and focus on the end goal of achieving physical well-being. The other group, which usually consists of a gymming enthusiast, is often talking about the modern approach to getting in your best shape. Who is the right one?

Before you settle on that debate, you should be aware of the very importance of fitness. You should focus on your fitness and exercising routine because:

  1. It helps you be productive at work and at home by keeping your stress levels under control.
  2. It helps you to have a healthy lifestyle, which reduces the risks of prolonged illnesses.
  3. It sets an example for your family and in turn, inspires them to focus on their fitness.

Now, if you are feeling inspired to work out the first key question you will run across is – Is yoga better than weight training? The simple answer to that is Yes and No.

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If you fit this criterion, yoga will be great for you.

There is a certain profile for which yoga provides greater benefits. If you fit into this profile, yoga will be clearly a better option for you:

  1. You have a very busy schedule. Weight training requires time and consistency. Yoga is great and easy for beginners. A session of yoga might be shorter than one for weight training.
  2. You want to practice it regularly at home. No matter how well-versed you are with the techniques, in order to go for weight training, it is usually recommended to join a gym. Yoga, on the other hand, does not require any equipment. Since you can practice it at the comfort of your home, you will have one less excuse to not be consistent with your daily yoga session.
  3. You want a collective experience. This might be because it motivates you or helps you learn faster. But usually, yoga studios have a specific schedule for the classes. Weight training, even though done in a gym, is a largely individual practice.
  4. You want to focus on flexibility, meditation, and well-being. If you don’t have designated weight gain or muscle gain goals, yoga is a more efficient route.

Weight training will perfectly fit into your profile – if this sounds like your list of goals.

Yoga may seem like the perfect solution but there is a certain category of people who will be better benefited by weight training. If you:

  1. You want to gain mass, more than anything else. Yoga helps you with a lot of things, but there is no way it can help you gain mass. If your end goal is to gain muscle and mass, weight training is meant for you.
  2. Want to focus on cutting weight. The very term ‘cutting weight’ resonates with people who go for weight training. You can single-handedly lose weight and gain muscle mass with weight training. Yoga, on the other hand, will help you lose excess weight. But, yoga cannot help you build muscle strength beyond your natural average.
  3. You have a goal of running a marathon or engaging in some other sport. Believe it or not, all marathon runners and athletes practice some form of weight training. If you are already engaged in some other sport and want to improve your performance, weight training will help you more than regular yoga.
  4. You want more tangible results. There are some people who are happier with the width of their triceps instead of having a better metabolism. If you want a more tangible result, weight training will be more satisfying for you than yoga.
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In Conclusion – Nothing is Stopping You From Taking Both

Most of the people who want to choose between yoga and weight training, forget a key point – you don’t have to choose one. The best fitness routines are the ones that help you get the best of both the worlds. You can have a favorite, depending on your personal goals. But, instead of focusing on yoga vs weight training, go for integrating both the ideas into your weekly fitness routine.

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